SCORE Vision

A collaboration for world class research, SCORE seeks to promote best practice in the diagnostics, therapy and management of haematological disorders and co-morbidity and complications.

We will support research in order to provide evidence-based data for the policy makers and health planning.

Our vision is to empower indigenous scientists to transform their communities through research. To prevent premature infant and early childhood death, suffering and discomfort.

To improve the quality of life of patients and encourage effective
Areas that we are involved in include all complications from Sickle Cell Disease such as stroke, renal imparmement, asthma as well therapeutic interventions including blood transfusion, hydroxyurea and psychosocial consequences related to this disorder-overall quality of ife and health related issues with diagnoses, dealing with myths and acceptance of diagnosis.


Our History

CHAIR (Collaboration for health Advancement innovation and Research) is the parent organisation including SCORE and other related research and capacity building initiatives for developing countries. CHAIR is a think-tank organisation set up as a resource for undertaking high quality research projects to improve health.

  • The core principles for CHAIR is to support the development of new research proposals by individuals within the group who may in turn in a collaborative manner work together to achieve a shared objective.  This may invlove working with governments, industry, individuals who have chosen to support the aims and objectives of the group.
  • To work with states, governments, institutions-universities and hospitals t provide technical expertise, adminstrative support in undetaking specific tasks and rojects.  
  • With the focus of implementing action & providing support in Africa, CHAIR hopes to collaborate wiith experts in all health related fields.


Any sickle cell related activities are delivered under the project title, SCORE

We started as a group of professionals who wanted to undertake and apply research findings in a practical way to address the causes, management, and treatment especially for SCD in Africa. This would also extend to strengthening health services to improve the quality of care and support for those living with chronic illness.

To read the story behind how we came about, click here

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Our Structure

Our team is composed of a wide variety of experts and professsionals with a breadth of knowledge in science, health, law and management.

  • Specialities that our experts cover currently include: Clnical Haematology, Paediatrics, infectious Disease, Laboratory Research, Project Management...amongst many more.

We expect to see that the effectiveness of our work will be enhanced as we continue to increase the number of experts across the developed and devloping world.


As a registered charity, we are governed by a Board of Trustees who volunteer their time to oversee the work of the organization and the management team. The Board of Trustees is supported by a Board of Patrons which comprises key supporters of the work and projects.