Family Legacy (Part 1)

An emotional three-part drama which explores the impact that the birth of a child with sickle cell disease has on four generations of the same family. As they struggle with the decisions and overcome their misconceptions and superstitions, they come to understand what the baby will mean for each of them.

The story is drawn from the real-life experiences of people living with sickle cell disease and their carers.

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Family Legacy (Part 2)

Part 2

Family Legacy (Part 3)

Part 3

Life With Sickle Cell: Calvanay's Story

Life with Sickle Cell chronicles Calvanay's life experiences as a teen living with Sickle Cell disease. Calvanay recorded video footage on three separate hospital visits to Children's Hospital Oakland. In a series of thoughtful and articulate interviews, she describes her experiences at Children's Hospital Oakland, gives advice about managing Sickle Cell disease, and describes her life as a whole, emphasizing that Sickle Cell is only one part of her life story.

Fighting the Stigma: Pain in Sickle Cell Disease

Roxanne's Story Part 1

Fighting the Stigma: Living With Pain in Sickle Cell Disease

Roxanne's Story Part 2- Roxanne describes her ongoing struggle with pain in sickle cell disease.

Bone Marrow Transplant

Healthbeat Reporter Kay Quinn reports on a groundbreaking bone marrow transplant performed at St. Louis Children's Hospital.