Our Objectives

  • Determine the burden of SCD through a community based populations surveys, and hospital data.
  • To support the establishment of Newbron and Early Infant SCD screening and effective linkage with clinical management centres
  • To work with policy-makers, industry and individuals towards the provision of a better patient management in achieving better patient outcomes and quality of life
  • Determine the incidence of invasive bacterial and viral disease & the risk factors capable of modifying patient outcome
  • To Contribute to the development & implementaiton of National Health policy through evidence based data from research.
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CHAIR: Who Are They?

Collaboration for Health Advancement innovation and Research (CHAIR)

CHAIR provides the platform for experts in all health related fields to work with partners worldwide to support work focused mainly in Africa.

How we work with CHAIR

Under this umbrella organisation, SCORE have achieved and continue to seek a number of goals:

  • Building Capacity
  • Delivering Training: formally organised courses & modular laboratory training
  • Clinical Research
  • Laboratory Research

SCORE international is partnering with The Promises Kept Foundation in procuring new HPLC equipment and new center for Lagos

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Stakeholders and Sponsors

We are looking to establish a network of collaborators and supporters who share our vision.

Why? Together, we can serve as a catalyst for change within Nigeria, Africa as a whole and further afield research and management of SCD.

If you would like to collaborate with researchers or policy makers in transforming the landscape of sickle cell management or are simply interested in asking us a question, click the link below!

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  • Sickle Cell Cohort Study: A Sustainable Initiative (N253 EC_UNDP funded project October, 2009-March 2011)
  • Ongoing work to establish community screening, patient follow up and tracking and linkage of all diagnosed patients with specialist Sickle Cell Clinics, newborn screening, the analysis of the SCD population survey of a cohort of children to determine survival patterns
  • CABYSYnch-Bacteremia Study & SCD; infectious disease issues
  • Asthma study in SCD and non-SCD population
  • Establish joint work with MDG 4& 5–reducing child/ maternal mortality rates
  • Dissemination of project findings in scientific journals and at international meetings
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